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Covid-19 Updates

We're following all guidelines encouraged by the Provincial Government in order to safely provide you with delicious burgers, fries, hot dogs, ice cream and poutines!

Click below for a full statement. 

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Show Some Love for Local!

We love local! Yes, it's a cliché but it's true. We want to bring you the most quality burgers and fries in Bedford! It can be much harder to find or work with small, local vendors, but our goal is to lead by example.  We are even growing some of our own food! 

Oulton's Meats

We believe sourcing fresh, local ingredients make a difference in the quality and flavour of your burgers. That's why we use beef and bacon from Oulton's Meats to ensure the best burger you can get your hands on... or mouth around!

COWS Creamery

We choose the finest award-winning cheese and butter, made right here in Atlantic Canada! Only the best gets melted on your cheeseburgers and poutines!

Don't forget to try the chocolate covered chips! 

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When we shop local, we also look for the best products that set us apart from the rest. Our pickles are fresh, unique, and all-around delicious! 

Keep an eye on our burger week special as well...

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Keddy's Produce

Proud to work with our partners in Kentville that source a variety of local produce whenever available! Keddy's provide the freshest ingredients for all our burgers and hot dogs. 

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